Teriyaki Chicken Bento [Halal Bento]

Halal(Halal), With Meat
1,080  (Including tax)

Minimum quantity for "Teriyaki Chicken Bento [Halal Bento]" is 4.

HOKKORI Bento "Teriyaki Chicken Bento"

Contents: Rice, Teriyaki Chicken, 6 sides

Ingredients: Cooked white rice, teriyaki chicken (chicken, soy sauce, millet sugar), simmered food (sweet potato, dried bean curd, carrot, konjac, dried shiitake mushroom, kombu, soy sauce, millet sugar), namul (spinach, bean sprouts, carrot, soy sauce, millet sugar, grind sesame, sesame oil), boiled egg (egg, soy sauce, ginger), pickles (daikon radish, red cabbage, blended vinegar), broccoli, sesame

Menu Type

Vegetarian (Without Meat):
Chinese Vegetarian (without five pungent roots):
With Meat: