Halal(Halal), Vegetarian (Without Meat)
1,296  (Including tax)

Minimum quantity for "HOKUSAI Bento [NAMI]" is 4.

Taste of the Edo for everyone who comes to Edo

What did the iconic Ukiyoe painter Katsushika Hokusai and people of his time in Edo used to eat?
This bento was created to reproduce the dishes from Edo period, based on cookbooks of the time.
Simple but flavorful, each item makes uou imagine living in Hokusai's time. Comes in the original package with Hokusai's works printed on it.

Made in a halal-certified kitchen. No meat contained, but contains fish and egg.

Ingredients: Asari Clam Mixed Rice(rice, bonito stock, asari clam, soy sauce, ginger, salt), Salt-grilled Mackerel(mackerel, salt), Deep-fried, then Simmered Radish(daikon radish, bonito stock, soy sauce, cane sugar, rice bran oil), Simmered Taro Roots(taro roots, bonito stock, soy sauce, cane sugar), Simmered Sweet Potatoes(sweet potato, bonito stock, soy sauce, cane sugar), Boiled Japanese Mustard Spinach(Japanese mustard spinach, bonito stock, soy sauce), Simmered Deep-fried Tofu with Salty-sweet Sauce(deep-fried tofu, bonito stock, soy sauce, red pepper), Japanese Steamed Egg Custard(bonito stock, egg, shrimp, ginkgo nut, shiitake mushroom, shiitake mushroom broth, trefoil, soy sauce, salt), Radish Pickled in Soy Sauce -Pickles-(daikon radish, soy sauce, vinegar, red pepper)

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