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Fried White Fish with Onigiri Bento [Halal Bento]

Halal(Halal), With Meat
1,080  (Including tax)

Minimum quantity for "Fried White Fish with Onigiri Bento [Halal Bento]" is 4.

ONIGIRI Bento "Fried White Fish with Onigiri Bento"

Contents: 2 Onigiri, Fried White Fish, 4 sides

Ingredients: Onigiri (cooked white rice, salmon, sesame, soy sauce, millet sugar, rice bran oil, sesame oil, ginger, shiso leaf, sweetened vinegar), fried white fish (Kamchatka flounder, wheat flour, pepper, salt, rice bran oil), boiled egg (egg, soy sauce, ginger), corn, green soybeans, pickled daikon radish (daikon radish, soy sauce, red pepper)

Menu Type

Vegetarian (Without Meat):
Chinese Vegetarian (without five pungent roots):
With Meat: