About Delivery

Delivery Area

Delivery available within 2-hour drive from the kitchen in the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Kawagawa, Saitama, Chiba), Japan.
For an additional charge for highway, delivery is also available for areas within 2 hours with highway. Contact us for details.

Delivery Hours

Delivery usually available on weekdays between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm.
We do not usually deliver on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays or the second Thursday of the month.
Contact us for delivery outside of these hours.

Delivery Charge

FREE DELIVERY within Tokyo 23 Wards for orders over 20,000 yen.
For orders under 20,000 yen or orders delivering outside of Tokyo 23 Wards, a delivery fee may be charged. There are different total price required for free delivery for different addresses.
*A delivery charge changes depending on the total price and delivery address. The final charge will be calculated after your order. Therefore, the delivery fee will be displayed as "free" when you are ordering, but it may change after ordering.


Area Price required for free delivery
23Wards 20,000 yen or over
Komae City, Mitaka City, Musashino City, Nishi Tokyo City, Chofu City 33,000 yen or over
HIgashi Kurume City, Kiyose City, Inagi City, Koganei City, Kodaira City, Higashi Murayama City, Fuchu City, Kokubunji City 44,500 yen or over
Kunitachi City, Higashi Yamato City, Tama City, Hino City, Musashi Murayama City 56,000 yen or over
Tachikawa City, Machida City, Akishima City, Mizuho Town 67,000 yen or over
Hachioji City, Hamura City, Fussa City, Ome City, Akiruno City 79,000 yen or over
Hinode Town 84,500 yen or over


Area Price required for free delivery
Kawasaki City (Saiwai Ward, Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki Ward, Nakahara Ward, Tama Ward, Miyamae Ward), Yokohama City (Tsurumi Ward, Kohoku Ward) 35,000 yen or over
Yokohama City (Tsuzuki Ward, Aoba Ward, Kanagawa Ward), Kawasaki City (Aso Ward) 43,000 yen or over
Yokohama City (Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Midori Ward, Minami Ward, Asahi Ward, Isogo Ward, Konan Ward) 59,000 yen or over
Yokohama City (Seya Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Izumi Ward), Yamato City, Zama City, Sagamihara City, Ayase City 72,000 yen or over
Ebina City, Atsugi City, Fujisawa City, Kamakura City, Zushi City, Yokosuka City, Hayama Town 86,000 yen or over
Isehara City, Chigasaki City, Hiratsuka City, Hadano City 100,000 yen or over


Area Price required for free delivery
Saitama City (Urawa Ward, Minami Ward, Midori Ward, Sakura Ward, Chuo Ward), Koshigaya City, Yoshikawa City, Toda City, Misato City, Niza City, Kawaguchi City, Soka City, Asaka City, Yashio City, Wako City, Warabi City 36,500 yen or over
Saitama City (Iwatsuki Ward, Omiya Ward, Minuma Ward, Nishi Ward, Kita Ward), Shiki City, Matsubushi Town, Miyoshi Town, Kasukabe City, Fujimi City, Fujimino City, Tokorozawa City 48,000 yen or over
Hasuda City, Sugito Town, Miyashiro Town, Ina Town, Shiraoka Town, Ageo City, Sayama City, Kawagoe City, Iruma City 60,500 yen or over
Kuki City, Satte City, Okegawa City, Hanno City, Kitamoto City, Sakado City, Tsurugashima City 76,500 yen or over
Konosu City, Hidaka City, Kazo City, Higashi Matsuyama City, Hanyu City, Gyoda City 91,500 yen or over


Area Price required for free delivery
Urayasu City, Kamagaya City, Ichikawa City, Matsudo City, Funabashi City, Kashiwa City, Narashino City, Nagareyama City 35,000 yen or over
Shirai City, Yachiyo City, Abiko City, Noda City, Chiba City (Hanamigawa Ward, Mihama Ward, Inage Ward) 48,000 yen or over
Chiba City (Chuo Ward, Wakaba Ward), Yotsukaido City, Inzai City 57,500 yen or over
Chiba City (Midori Ward), Sodegaura City, Kisarazu City 73,500 yen or over
Sakura City, Ichihara City, Yachimata City, Kimitsu City, Narita City 90,500 yen or over
Tomisato City, Togane City, Futtsu City, Mobara City, Sanmu City 103,000 yen or over

Pick Up Option

Pick up at SAMURAI Kitchen (for free)

  • SAMURAI Kitchen
    Asakusa 5-2-13, Taito, Tokyo
    Hours: Weekdays 10:00-15:00