Samurai Kitchen's Service Policy


We watch all the ingredients we use, both produce and processed foods.
We take great care not to use any artificial additives, MSG, genetically modified foods,
or products with high trans fat levels. Our food is natural and additive-free.

Halal Certification

We are HALAL CERTIFIED to help muslim residents and tourists enjoy Japan more.
We want to deliver our safe and delicious foods to as many people as possible.
We do not use any pork or ingredients that contain alcohol in our kitchen.
HALAL certificated by Japan Halal Foundation. Chairman MOHAMED NAZEER

Vegetarian Options

We also have options for vegetarian and vegan customers,
which do not contain meat or animal-derived products.
We are confident that our vegetarian bento will satisfy not only
vegetarians, but also non-vegetarians!


We provide information about the ingredients used in our foods with "food pictograms"
designed for people with dietary restrictions due to allergy, ideology or religion.
*Some food items may not be used in the bento itself but may be used in the same kitchen.