What is Halal Certification? How to Get One?

What is halal ertification and why is it necessary?
How can a company or product get certified?

Halal Certification

In recent years, Japanese companies have started acquiring halal certifications. What exactly is a halal certification?

Halal certified product

Making Muslims' Lives Easy

As we explained in "What is Halal? Learn about Muslim Diet", halal food is the food muslims are allowed to eat.
It should not be mixed with non-halal food, and as for meat, certain rules must be followed.
However, when it comes to packaged foods and restaurants, muslim consumers cannot see the process of manufacturing the food, which makes it difficult to assure that the food is truly halal.
That's why halal certification organizations check the manufacturers, the ingredients and the process to see if they meet the standards, and authorize the restaurant or the product as halal.

Certified restaurants and manufacturers can display a "halal symbol." Consumers can look at the symbol and buy products without worry.

There Are Many Halal Certification Bodies

There are many halal certification organizations around the world.
They each may have their own standards and their symbols look different.
Samurai Kitchen is halal certified by Japan Halal Foundation, located in Tokyo, Japan.

JHF Halal Symbol
Samurai Kitchen's Halal Symbol

Halal Certification is Not a Must

As long as the rules of halal are followed, all food is halal. Halal certification is not something necessary, but it makes muslims feel safer.
Some restaurants and food manufacturers in Japan display "Muslim Friendly" on products that do not contain haram ingredients. This makes it relatively easier for muslims to try the food, even without certification.

How Can a Company or Product Get Halal Certified?

If you are part of a restaurant or food manufacturer and are considering getting halal certification, consult with an certifying organization.
We won't say which organizations are the best, but it's good to research which ones grant the most number of certifications and most trusted.
If you are considering exporting your product to countries with large portions of muslims, consider getting certified by an organization of those countries.
Also, halal certification costs money, so you need to be prepared in this aspect as well.
Major steps include consulting with the certifying organization, submitting application forms, document review and on-site audit. Certifications have a fixed date of expiry and must be renewed.

Halal-Certified Meal Delivery

Samurai Kitchen is halal certified. Only halal food is allowed in the kitchen.
A halal symbol is printed on our menu cards for bento and party plates. Talk to us about your parties with muslims and hosting muslim guests in Tokyo area. If you can't or don't want to cook by yourself, delivery is a perfect option!

Happy muslim guests