What is the Relationship Between Halal and Vegetarian Food?

At Samurai Kitchen Bento Delivery, we receive many inquiries like "We're having guests from abroad. We have both muslims and vegetarians. What should we do?"
Is it possible to offer them the same food, which is both halal and vegetarian?
Or should we separate the two?

Halal is Not Always Vegetarian, and Vegetarian is Not Always Halal

As we explain in the "What is Halal? Learn About the Muslim Diet" page,Muslims eat common meat except for pork. This means that halal food is not always vegetarian food. Likewise, not all vegetarian dishes are halal, because they might contain alcohol (some muslims may not look so much into this, though).
Learn more about the vegetarian diet here: What is Vegetarian? Vegan? Macrobiotics? Learn About Vegetarianism

When eating at restaurants that do not specifically offer halal meals, muslims often opt for vegetarian options because they do not eat non-halal meat. However, this doesn't mean all vegetarian options are suitable for muslims. We should still pay attention to the ingredients.

It IS Possible to Cook Dishes That are Both Halal and Vegetarian

Then, do we have to separately prepare halal dishes and vegetarian dishes? Of course not. Just make sure the dishes meet both halal and vegetarian requirements. That way, everyone can eat together - muslims, vegetarians and those who don't follow such diets. The most important thing at a party is that everybody can have fun together, isn't it?

One thing to note here is that culturally, most muslims are meat lovers. You can probably make them happier by having some meat options. In that case, it's better to have a separate section from the vegetarian dishes.

All of Samurai Kitchen's bento and party plates are made with halal ingredients only. Some of our menu are vegetarian (without animal meat or fish) and vegan (without animal meat, fish, egg or dairy).
We deliver foods that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions.

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