Tips for Hosting Muslim Guests

What Kind of Meal Should I Serve My Muslim Guests?

You might be having some muslim guests soon and wondering what to serve them.
Food for muslims is nothing different from what you usually have, except a few things to keep in mind.
As you learn in "What is Halal? Learn About Muslim Diet" page, the general rule is:

  • Vegetables, fruits, grain are great
  • Egg and dairy are also permissible
  • Fish is generally OK, but some may say no to those without scales.
  • Use meat that has "HALAL" sign on the package.
  • No alcohol for them. Don't use it in the meal or the dessert. Watch your seasonings also.
  • Check the snacks if they contain gelatin, animal fat or alcohol.
  • Ask the guest if you're not sure.

If you are eating out, it's safer to choose a restaurant that is halal certified or uses halal meat. To learn about halal certification, see "What is Halal Certification? How to Get One?"

Can Non-Muslims Eat Halal Food?

Of course they can. As you can see on "What is Halal?" page, halal food is nothing special. It's actually better than other foods because you can enjoy it with your muslim friends!

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What If I Accidentally Serve Non-Halal Food?

If you're not a muslim, your muslim guests will probably understand, as long you've made efforts. To avoid this situation, it's safer to show the ingredients and ask them to judge.

Will Muslims Die of Hunger If There Is No halal Food?

If no halal food can be found and they need to eat, muslims are allowed to eat non-halal food to survive.
The reason is because everything we have, including our own bodies, has been given to us by God, and we are supposed to take care of it.
Therefore, seriously harming ourselves for the sake of religion, let alone killing ourselves, is not at all Islamic.
Some muslims may still be averse to having haram food, so never force it.

What Does Samurai Kitchen Do?

Samurai Kitchen uses halal ingredients only, and is certified halal by Japan Halal Foundation.
All dishes including bento and party plates come with a halal symbol and a list of ingredients to make muslims' lives easier.
Our wish is to help everyone enjoy eating together, regardless of religion, nationality or ethnicity.

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